About Us

Grosshof Golf Club runs the first and only golf course in the Náchod district. Apart from the well-cut fairways and top quality greens, all golfers will certainly enjoy breathtaking views of Broumovsko Natural Reserve, Adršpašské Rocks, and Jeseníky, Orlické and Krkonoše Mountains – those are the main features of every drive and putt on our course. The whole place has a traditional atmosphere, underlined by the nearby Broumov Benedictine Monastery and the oldest wooden church in Central Europe.

Grosshof – originally a large farm

What makes a good round of golf complete is good food and drink – like our home-made plum pie with punch, served in a stylish clubhouse. The clubhouse is part of an early 20th-century farmhouse and its interior will remind you of that era as well – it includes golf clubs and accessories from 19th century, brought here from the UK.

Grosshof – a golf course for all

The 9-hole course is naturally situated in the landscape, accenting its hilly features. It was built in 2012–2014, and it has a unique system of watering, using a 100-year-old water reservoir, whose roof is used as the tee box of hole 6. Grosshof is a public course which regularly invites non-golfers to try and play their first shots here.

Grosshof Golf Club is known for its family atmosphere, which makes it less stressful for beginners to start playing here. They can use an extensive practice area, including the driving range, 2 putting greens, and 1 chipping green, and they can attend golf lessons with our experienced instructors. Last but not least, our great prices of green fees and membership really make golf a game for all.

Come and enjoy your round of golf at Grosshof!

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