Ročník 2015 | Ročník 2014

Ročník 2015

ÚNO 20

Actions to GOLF magazine for members

GOLF Magazine offers all members of the GC Grosshof annual subscription, under exceptionally favorable conditions. Offer is valid until the end of April! více
LED 21

Would you be interested practice yoga?

Determines whether the members of GC Grosshof were interested in yoga exercises. Lenka is a lecturer Wimmerová which, among other things, to Grosshofu filmed a music video Happy. více

One vacancy on February golf in Turkey

Friends, friends, due to an accident WOLFik Paul, we offer a free place on February golf in Turkey. Participants: M + J + Chaloupková Robert Nečas, golf buddy of Blanska. Confirmation as soon as possible because přeblokování flights. více

Record attendance at the New Year launch

More than twenty club members and friends Grosshofu on New Year gathered detonate his first ball this year. A pleasant afternoon among nice people. více

Coverages of the multi-sports complex Grosshof

Not only golf can be operated on "všesportovním" complex Grosshof in Broumov. více

Ročník 2014

PRO 30

Invitation to New Year hit on Grosshofu

Dear friends, members of the GC Grosshof. We invite you to New Year hit. Not in vain, says, "As the New Year and throughout the year." více
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